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Bread and Jam

Well, the highlight of the week has to have been the visit to the bakery in Glastonbury ("Burns the Bread") with the Ladies Evening club. Yes, the owner's name really is Mr Burns, and his shop title has nothing to do with how he cooks his (delicious) bread. Garbed in hairnets and white aprons, we all had to make 4 pasties each - should be easy with the pastry all rolled out and cut in circles by a machine - the trick was to get Max can do it blindfold too), while we turned out some very strange offerings. But, no matter, while the pasties cooked, we had a grand tour of the bakery,giving us an appetite for our buffet supper, and then went home with a goody bag containing our pasties, a loaf of bread and a fruit cake.
I have the bread, and very nice too, now time to cook the jam. Ralph and Steph will be with me this weekend, and I know Ralph is at the end of his jam, so a few pots of seedless raspberry are in order. Unfortunately I took my eye off it for a second, just long enough to coat the cooker nicely with boiling jam. In the subsequent clean up, with Morris shouting to lick the spoon (she has some very odd ideas what she would like to try eating), I seem to have coated me in jam, fortunately not boiling! At least I didn't lose much, and there are two big jars for Ralph and Steph.

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