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A Week is a Long Time....

Well here we are, suffering from drought and floods all at the same time. Last Sunday was an evil day; the road down into Norton was still running water on Tuesday afternoon. But the sun was lovely when it came out - when we were all indoors rehearsing the drama group pantomime, Sleeping Beauty. Its very strange preparing so far in advance for something we shall be performing in November - compared with the 2 or 3 brief rehearsals we get for the village panto, but perhaps that explains why the village panto is such a shambles. But as long as they laugh at us.....

The Brownies visited the 80s this week, in their time machine, slightly improved by the addition of a strut to hold the top of it open enough for the girls to pass through. Acres of parcel tape were deployed to hold the sides together- whether it will still be in one piece next week, I have no idea! As well as finding out about Live Aid and eating Vienetta (Sue maintains that this was her favourite in the 80s) they had a glamour evening, with make up done by Rachael and nails by Emily. It seems to be that the further we go back, the more things we can remember about the decade, though we have now "lost" all but 2 of the team, and I shall be on my own for the 50s.

I did not wimp out for this weeks walk, so have just come back from Evercreech and not too wet; early drizzle having given way to grey skies, but dry. Tomorrow I shall be guiding Francoise around Stourhead, reccying my June walk. AS long as we leave the car park in the right direction, we should be OK.

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