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There's Life in the Old Girl Yet

Mouse for breakfast! Left (well dead) on the kitchen floor this morning, just ready for me, and the second this week. The first I found (still alive) on the front door mat, and I still don't know where it was hiding while I let Morris in - I saw nothing as I watched her slink in through the door  and up the hall, but when I nturned back to shut the door, there it was, cowering. I threw it out,wondering if I should despatch it first, and wished I had when I later found it dead in a puddle. They don't do well after being chased by the cat, even if she loses interest.

I had though Morris was getting past it - she is beginning to look a little long in the tooth, and the way she gets up in the morning suggests she too suffers from a touch of arthritis - but maybe we have just been waiting for the mouse population to recover from 2 years ago. As long as she hunts at night when the birds are tucked up in the trees I shall be happy.



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