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After a very pleasant weekend (well, pleasant after fixing the computer) with Stephanie, and Ralph who joined us for Sunday dinner, life goes back to its normal peace and quiet. I was very pleased that Stephanie managed to write her Master's essay, which was, after all, the reason for her coming home. When she arrived on the Friday night, tired and out of sorts, it was touch and go whether she'd be able to bring herself to put fingers to keyboard the next day, but she managed it.
However, after the excitement of visitors, Morris is now feeling bereft again and follows me everywhere round the house and garden. Major insecurity problems!
We visited the 70s with the Brownies this week, but it was a very chaotic evening. In fact it seems to be more chaotic each week. Rachael, who works in a primary school, tells me that the main reason for the problem is the pressure of Sats for most of the kids, and the weather being unconducive to going outside to play at break times. The girls are suffereing from being all cooped up. I just wish they didn't have to take it out on us! I may have to "read the riot act" this week at Brownies - it usually improves behaviour for a week or two when we remined them that we are not paid and we only come to have fun. It takes them by surprise because they don't expect unrelated adults to choose to spend time with them.
Good news, Stephanie has been released from her current job, so that she can start at her new school straight after half term. This will give her time to find her way around before the Autumn term starts. I really hope she finds this job suits her.


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