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A Musical Day

The Parish Meeting was not totally anticlimactic. It was rather lengthy, as our illustrious chairman took the opportunity to discuss ways to reduce speeding in the village seeing as he had plenty of public to contribute. Whether the suggestions will come to pass is in the lap of the funding gods. By the time we got to the reports from village organisations, half the meeting had had enough and left, so a number of reports were missing. Not all reports were brief though; our two local councillors made sure we knew how hard they were working by listing all the committees they sit on, and the lady who read the church report  read the entire leaflet that had been sent out for the recent gift day, including a complete list of services, exhortations to join the church, and even the captions to the photographs. In the past she has been known to report a whole year's worth of WI meetings in excruciating detail, so her style was well known. I managed to keep a straight face, but with difficulty. 

Today has been musical - the afternoon choir, then back to practice with the Sunday school children for the Jubilee service, then the evening choir. The choirs went as expected, but of the Sunday school children who had been invited, only one turned up, so we have moved to plan B - we shall not be getting them to play their instruments, but we will get them to sing the song they have been learning, with musical accompaniment from the Sunday School teachers. I have a vague feeling of impending disaster, but I think we'll manage, assuming any of them turn up on the day.

The cat has been eating too much again. She is sitting on the desk and hiccupping.
And so to bed.

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