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It is getting hotter by the day, though a pleasant cooling breeze set in this afternoon. I'm trying to make the most of it, as its entirely possible we are currently enjoying the only summer we are going to get - British weather being totally capricious.
Yesterday I took the opportunity to work in my new garden, digging weeds out from between the paving slabs. There is a definite limit to how much one of this one can do with the sun burning down. The weeds are a feisty lot, though; where I have attacked them previously and replaced the soil between the slabs with sand, they have managed to root themselves in the sand. But its a lot easier to pull them out of sand so I will not be beaten.

Today I visited Julia's garden - I still can't believe how much work she and Pete have taken on, but they seem to be moving forward at a fair rate. It should be lovely when (if?) its finished. Then Sandra visited for a craft chat. A nice relaxed sort of day. Just working myself up to the onslaught of the various things I am involved in for the Jubilee over the next couple of weeks.


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