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Spam, Spam, Lovely Spam

The Brownies reached the 1950s last night. The "Coronation Tea" included coronation chicken sandwiches, salmon paste and cucumber sandwiches  the bees knees in 1953 I understand), tasters of spam, then jelly and blancmange and cake. Opinion was fiercely divided over each item as to whether it was edible. The blancmange surprised me, as most of them decided they would prefer yoghurt. It was my favourite school pudding back in the 1950s. I clean forgot we had a vegetarian amongst us (not many of those in the early 50s, especially after years of rationing) so she only got to eat the cake. There weren't a lot of left overs of the cake.
Anyway, decorations (union flags coloured by the Brownies and some red white and blude garlands made by Sue) have been made for the church, and will be installed by Sue this Friday. The Guides have done their best to construct the crown jewels out of silver and gold card, purple crepe paper and assorted stick on jewels, so I can do their window as well. We had 5 girls again for Guides, I am so please that they all came for a second chance, just hope they come back after the half term break. They have been promised a night out in the woods lighting fires and making pizza, so who could possibly pass up that?

I have decked out the public gardens with bunting, but didn't have quite enough so will have to get more. Hope the parish council will be prepared to pay for it!

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