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London or Bust

Bit of retrospective blogging here, as I have been too busy to write anything. Tony came back a couple of Sundays ago, but before life could get back its normal rhythmns,  I had the Brownie trip to London to / get ready for/panic about.

As usual, extensive planning improves the chances of a stress free trip. We invited the Brownies to help us do the Risk Assessment the week before we went, on the grounds that they would then buy into any restrictions we placed on them. This worked very well, and all sorts of ideas about good behaviour and good sense came out. On the day, we were up and on the train so early they were extremely good and rather quiet - we had expected them to be noisy from sheer excitement. Everything (yes, everything!) went according to plan - walk across Hyde Park, Natural History Museum, underground (good game of sardines) ICANDO and tea at Paddington. Unfortunately they were a little noisier on the way back, which we hadn't expected, but I think they were actually over tired and definitely over sugared! We couldn't believe how many sweets the girls had brought with them. So, safely back at Westbury, we handed back some super hyped girls to their parents, and breathed a sigh of relief .
Feedback at the following Brownie meeting suggests that they all had a great time; for some the museum was best, for other the whole experience, and, most tellingly, some just enjoyed being able to choose what they wanted to do at ICANDO. We took note that the favourite place there was the mini stage. Our Brownie group have always been great performers, but we haven't done a lot of theatricals in the last couple of years, perhaps we should consider this again. 



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