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One Fine Day

Unbelievably, the sun shone all day on the Isle of Wight last Saturday, as a team of Ramblers stomped cheerily round the west end of the island. Les had promised me a gentle walk with frequent stops, which was true. He also told me it was only 10 miles, which wasn't. After the first 3-4 miles, when we stopped for coffee, he explained that the 10 miles started from there! The views from the Tennyson monument, and further on, looking out over The Needles were magnificent, and the increasing sunlight made up for a rather brisk wind. In fact the sun might have been a bit too much without the breeze to keep us cool. The last 3 miles were a bit hard work; everyone was beginning to look a little tired, but the pub at the end revitalised us all before getting back on the ferry. A Grand Day Out.

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