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Out and About and a Spot of Navigation

I am dry at last, after a complete soaking earlier today. We only wanted to recce a walk round Burrington with Francoise, nothing complicated, but we ignored the weather forecast, at our peril. Fortunately Tony came with us and has walked this route before (its part of a longer, Sunday route he led recently) because after the first 2 hours, with the rain penetrated to every inch of our clothing we had all completely lost interst in the navigation and only wanted to be back at the cars. I just hope Francoise will remember enough of the route to walk it again with other members of her navigation support team!
It has been a busy fortnight; camping for a few days in Shrewsbury while Tony assessed a D of E group allowed us to explore the Black country, new to both of us, with two very good days spent in Ironbrdge, then the Sunday School picnic, in glorious weather, then a series of meetings with the various groupd I belong to, including twoi concerts with two separate choirs. Both went well, not perfect but we hope the punters didn't notice.

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