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Ducks and Drakes

A busy day in the garden. Beans (runners and French) plus pumpkins, courgettes and a new invention Cucamelons(!) all planted in pots. The freshly mowed lawn  (it was more like a field when I mowed it Wednesday pm) has had its edges trimmed, but as most of the border plants are empire building, this will need revisiting and doing properly when they have finished flowering and can be cut back severely.

I hope I have everything in place for the barbecue for the church Gift Day - sausages and rolls have ben bought, onions sliced and cakes made. There is even some bacon to see if I can get the punters going with bacon rolls - a new departure, but maybe the smell will lure in some extra customers. The weather forecast is good, so fingers crossed we shall have a good day.

Charlie and Jemima came back in today. Still no ducklings. They mutter furiously whenever I come near them. but they will just have to get used to me in the garden.

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