Going Dutch.

Cordoba to Cerro de Muriano 11 miles from 110m up to about 500m.
A very nice days walk. Even the exodus gro Cordoba was through the back streets and except for around the major motorway was pleasant and well marked.
There were supposedly two Roman bridges on the route , for both it would probaly be faier to say “a bridge here since roman times” though there may have been a few original bit decernable. The day progresses ad we pass up the stream valley and then climb the ridge between two valleys rising up steadily to over 500m . About halfway up we find a memorial to Senor Vincente Mora Benavente an Amigo of the Camino whose favorate section this was. The flora and fauna change and we see 3 things new on this caminoas well as a plethora of the flowers seen earlier. All are old friends from the Via de la Plata and are part pf the hot heart of Spain. The cork oak joins the Holm oak sd a woodland tree, some had been harvested of their bark in the past, the Cistus through which 4years ago we walked for miles in Estramadura puts in an appearance but by no means as prolific, and the Azure winged magpie the bird that took us a day to identify shows itself coyly from behind various trees just before we enter our destination the town of Cerro de Muriano.
We have largely been walking up one of the Canadas or old drove roads and are only a little surprised to meet just before the first bar a large mixed herd of sheep and goats we there shepherd and large Spanish sheepdog.
Havinhg been well primed by Raphaell the chief of this section yesterday and by messages on posts and trees . This is e easily find the alburgue recommended this is a private house looked owned by a Dutch couple who have caminoed and allow pilgrims to stay. It is very pleasant as is the town.

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