To Noyant

by Administrator 8. June 2008 16:10

Sunday Le Lude to Noyant

Not our day of rest - about 16 miles including a bit of difficulty finding the GR36 (our new route down to Saumur where we pick up the GR3 up the Loire). We then did a mix of road, field, wood and marsh, the latter only a short section and easily, with our hard won expertise, circumnavigated.
On the one occasion we lost the route we passed through the small village of Disse sous le Lude where a motor bike cum tractor convention/car boot sale was in progress, we thought about buying a vintage tractor but could not see how to get it home, but it would have been really useful!!
We scored points for another hare and a small deer and the day passed in the usual fashion, arriving in Noyant at about 15:00hrs. This is just about the smallest Municipal we have been on with 12 pitches only and absolutely nothing open in the village, not even a single bar, on a Sunday afternoon. We had planned ahead yesterday for this eventuality, so we are carrying 2 days food (for today and tomorrow) as getting food in little villages in France can be notoriously difficult on Mondays.
Link to where we are on Google Maps


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