Across the Channel

by Administrator 18. May 2008 17:26

I don’t remember a lot about the crossing (a bit like the 60s, if you can remember it you weren’t really there). I am told it was a good crossing as calm as it gets with a good wind and took just over 12 hours. However my seasickness and tablets mean that the memories of it are ones I would rather not have.
I seemed to improve as we sailed through the entrance to Cherbourg harbour and was glad to see land and the port facilities for a shower etc.
Penny Arthur and Cheryl went shopping while we walked to the nearest camp site, the plan being an early start to the crossing for them and us to return for food in the evening. However the camp site had changed into a play area/football pitch/ and skateboard park. So we walked back again slept on the boat and left at 08:00hours to start walking.

I don’t believe that I have travelled before on a medium sized boat as in my past I have done a bit of dingy sailing and used ro-ro ferries to get to various places. Life on a 36’ boat is a bit different, like camping with even less space.
The sea was very flat but even so I took some sea sickness pills twice on the voyage. These seemed to do the trick but I stayed out on deck as much as possible as down below tended to make you queasy very quickly. We all took turns at the helm on the voyage.


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