South to Antrain

by Administrator 27. May 2008 16:34

Tuesday Pontorson to Antrain

Wet night last night so tents soaking this morning, the evening was disturbed by 2 families of loud Brummies on holiday in the pitch next door, our fault should have noticed they were there but so used to sites being empty or nearly that didn’t think it was an issue. They really could not see why anyone would want to go to sleep before 11 pm.
Still a nice site and we were off at 07:30 when the bread man arrived. 2-3 miles of road to warm us up and cut off the meandering of the GR34 and 39, and then we hit the mud farm tracks with ponds of water from the rain in previous 24 hrs, up on to banks at the sides and hopping from patch of reed to patch of rock we made our way into the Foret de Villegartier, the way got easier in that there were still pools of water in the route but it was easier to circumnavigate them. Sights of the day (for Freddie) a stork with half a tree in it’s beak (didn’t know they came this far north), and a crested grebe on the lake in the middle of the forest diving among Kingcups.
Lots of old stone crosses around from the 1600’s plus some with very weather worn figures on them with a more celtic feel than most french religious icons.

Link to where we are on Google Maps


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