To La Roche Posay

by Administrator 18. June 2008 16:50
18.06.08 Wednesday

Le Grand Pressigny to La Roche Posay.

A good days walk with little pain. Following the GRP route as this seemed more useful than the GR. Cool in morning so moving fast from an early start.. Woods and fields some deer in the forest and ? a kite in the forest. Also a large black rat glimpsed scuttling off by the river as we approached La Roche-Posay. We were in the valley of the Claise last night and this morning passed over the low ridge between and back to the Cruse. South though ever south. In the field next to last nights camping was an archaeological re enactment site probably to do with the chateau on the hill that is a closed museum of prehistory being renovated. There was a mud and stick dwelling and a large wigwam structure covered in animal skins.
We also met a very friendly Frenchman who was determined to teach us some French in return for a few extra words of English he did not know, though I think there weren’t many we both learnt “swarm of bees” in each others language. He also made very good omelettes with fungi he had collected in the woods, we all ate it. Tim was the guinea-pig. Still here though! He also confirmed our impressions of increasing numbers of French speaking English, the times they are a changing.
About 14 miles brought us to La Roche-Posay, a small spa town that is quite pleasant but like most spa towns thinks a lot of itself. We have managed to get another vital document out of the tourist office; the list of campsites further south on the route. You need to be a bit persistent to get this, though they will give lists of hotels and chambers very easily, still that’s what they are for I suppose.
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