To Suris

by Administrator 24. June 2008 16:54
24.06.08 Tuesday.

Confolens to Suris

Early start, 0700 too early for the boulongerie in Confolens so walk 2 miles to Ansac sur Vienne to cross the Vienne for the last time and to get breakfast and our lunch baguette just as the bakery there opened. We are gradually ascending to the watershed with the Dordogne to the south now although today was hardly record breaking at around 250 m. We will also cross department boundary again from Charente to Dordogne and this gives some problems in identifying campsites for the future and hence our rendezvous with Geoff . Hopefully tomorrow we shall have some solid info for the next few days walking.
It was a hot day after about 1100, we had done a short section of old railway line (used for the velos) after breakfast to cut a corner of the GRs wanderings and although the route was well marked through mainly green lanes as the sun rose so did the humidity and temperatures.
We crossed the N141 road which was a big shock tot system. Where had all this traffic come from?
We had had lunch and covered about 16 miles when the well signed route became not signed at all and the decision we made to strike back to the road was probably right it added another mile or two. It was a hot and thirsty pair looking for a beer in Suris which really is a ½ horse town, we passed through, found the sports ground outside town, but no campsite. Fortunately directed by workmen on the sports ground it was only another 400 yards.
We made our landfall and were about to set up tents when we were accosted our usual poor quality French was immediately recognised for what it was and we were told we could speak English. Penny and Peter are British expats running the campsite Les Blanchies at Suris for the last 6 years, the bar was opened and we got our most welcome biere. This is a very pleasant welcoming site, even the hens came to inspect us as we put up our tents.
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