To Refuge d'Arremoulit

by Administrator 31. July 2008 11:58
30.07.2008 Wednesday

Refuge de Respumoso to Refuge d'Arremoulit (2285m)

An excellent evening was had at Respumoso. This refuge was in Spain and a cut above the refuges we have stayed in in France. There were hot showers (if you let the water run for long enough!) as well as 14 person dormitories all en suite. Tony was stupid enough to leave the door unlocked and was interupted by a french woman as he stepped from the shower. This caused her and her nine friends much amusement!
For anyone who hasn't stopped in a mountain refuge, then they are an interesting experience. They are located some hours walk from civilization and are refreshed by either a mule of a helicopter bringing up stores from the nearest village. The initial huts were built by mountaineering clubs (eg caf, club alpine francaise) over 100 years ago and added to in the intervening period. They tend to be manned over the summer months by a resident guardian who cooks meals for those who are staying there. You sleep in dormitories from either just a few bunks to the 100 in a single room on 3 levels at a refuge in Corsica we once visited.
After breakfast this morning we left the refuge and followed a variante of the HRP (pyrenean high route) up to Col du Palas. On the way, Ralph found a nice cold mountain lake and decided that a spot of skinny dipping was in order. Photographic evidence to follow! After an interesting scramble up to the col we descended down to the refuge situated by the lake.



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