May 2nd Sunday.

by Administrator 2. May 2010 20:43
May 2. Sunday.
We surface around 6 to go to Bristol Airport for the Easyjet flight at 10.30 to
Lisbon. A place none of the four of us have visited. Jane (Tony's wife) is coming with us for 3 days in Lisbon before flying home. It is raining here in Somerset although forecasts are good for Portugal.
Yesterday was spent checking kit and trying to persuade Betsy to carry less, she has the largest rucksack of the three of us and we worry what the portugese firemen will make of this apparent beast of burden.
Arrived on time in Lisbon had lunch at the airport cos the post office was closed. You may ask why? Because the PO sells the transport cards to go on the buses. So we got 4 of those for 4 days and then had to get a taxi. The local buses don't allow luggage from the airport and the airport bus went in the wrong direction. Still we found the camp site which is very quiet at the moment.
Now sitting in a quiet square in central Lisbon having a beer at an Indian/Italian restaurant. It is cool and pleasant.
It appears so far that french and english are more useful than portugese. The taxi dtiver spoke french and the indian restaurant english. But the PO spoke portuguese, result Betsy.
Link to where we are on Google Maps


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Jim Lyle United States
5/2/2010 9:12:31 PM #

Bon voyage.  My one good expression in Portuguese, "Eu falo so Ingles."

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