Alvaiazere to Ansioa.

by Administrator 12. May 2010 18:28
May 12nd Wednesday.
We plan for a short day today. Betsy's shin is swollen and painful and although improved this morning will not stand a full 30km.
The morning is bright and cool and we are walking through a limestone area of olives and flowers. Our path is mainly on small side roads with the very occasional vehicle. Buildings are again a mix of abandoned and used but with some very nice looking new builds. It is good to see the traditional wall tiles found mainly in blue and white being put up on new homes.
Strangely some of the houses in Alvaiazere are in an Art Noupveau style probably built in 40s. A bit odd in such a rural town.
We wander up and down the little lanes rain threatens we put on waterproofs it changes its mind. Still a 30% chance of precipitation, maybe this means we get wet one day in three.
We arrive early in Ansiao even at a gentle pace 12km does not last all day
even so Betsy is limping, her shin splints have flared up it may be alternative transport for her for a couple of days to see if rest will do the trick. A fine afternoon so washing of clothes the order of the day.
Link to where we are on Google Maps


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