15.4 Sunday/Domingo.

by tim 15. April 2012 15:09
Another day walking, we first visit the Roman ruins that are being excavated and sanitised at Baelo Claudia, at Balonia, the huge statue of Tragian (in the Cadiz museum) was excavated from here. The ruins are fairly well preserved and appear to have been a tuna fishing and salting town for the whole empire, as well as a major crossing to the Empire in north africa after Carthage was conquered in the Punic Wars.
We started at 10.40 and covered the 14 miles back to Tarifa in a trifle under 4 hours. Walking on this stretch is both through the chapparal (spanish mediterrnean equivalent of the french marquis) and on the beach. On the streets Tarifa appears to be the kite surfing capital of the world with every other shop selling kite surfers and tuition, today we discovered why as the wind (for them) was apparently perfect. We were impressed by 20ft jumps over 5ft waves as well as the speed and manouvreability of these ?craft.
Walking along the sand is tiring though and we were pleased to finish back at the Isla de Palombie at Tarifa very wind blown and sand blasted.
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