Around on the golf course.

by tim 20. April 2012 15:40
20.4.12 Friday.
Conil de la Frontera to Chiclana de la Frontera.
So what 's about all these Fronteras, there is Jerez as wellas others. These refer to the border between Moorish southern spain centred around Granada and the northern christian kingdoms including Portugal and Castille, the names probably date from the late period (13th C) when Moorish rule was limited to the south east of Iberia, not the earlier time of moorish spain being united as Al Andalus during which even the northern city of Santiago de Compostella was briefly captured.
So we set off about 8am in a lovely dawn light with the lighthouse of Trafalgar in the distance behind us along more wooded cliffs with birds and flowers. We pass the port of Conil a couple of miles along in a small inlet and all to soon hit tarmac around La Roche the next 10km are unpleasant as we make our way through holiday home estates (deserted except for CCTV cameras and maintenance men) no bars so no coffee. The holiday home estate merges seamlessly with an area of apartments and golf courses (at least three) through which we trudge on the edge of a fair sized road. We believed that golf courses have 19 holes but these and the sparsely used tennis courts were unable to provide coffee or beer.
Eventually we pass though the more normal outskirts of Chiclanas de la Frontera and still spend it seems an age looking for a cafe/bar with a suitable lunch. But eventually we eat and find a small room for three in a hostal/pension at 47euros for the three of us. We may try to locate one of the Bodegas (sherry houses) in town once Betsy's recuperative siesta is over.

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