Jerez to El Cuervo de Sevilla. 23.4 Monday.

by tim 23. April 2012 17:47
We start from the pension at 8oclock but stop down the road at an open cafe we many regulars for coffee and tostados.
We know today we follow the Amigos yellow arrows but also that lunch is likely at a motorway services with several km of motoway on each side.
First we have to find the motorway, suggestions by some to follow the planes (it is near the airport) are treated with contempt. But somehow we miss an arrow and wander arround an industrial estate with a divergence of map from reality occurring. Another cafe is open we have more coffee and ask where the road is that we have a name for from the downloaded Amigos intructions. A puzzeled local points about 40m down the road on the other side. All is now clear we pick up the arrows again and are soon trundleing along a dirt track about 50m from the motorway we are screened by trees from it and the km fly by! (Well it was alot better than it might have been.)
We stop at the services (entered by the loose bit of fence at the back and have a beer and bocadillo each. There are also available large packs of moustaces (we have various suggestions as to what these are) but on reading ingredients on the back we think some form of biscuit, a speciallity of a town we may pass later.
When we leave, out the back there is a small pool and Tim spots pratinicoles, birds previously seen in Portugal on the last Camino.
Passing on we go under the motorway pausing briefly in welcome shade and pass up the side of a sizeable vinyard devoted we think to sherry production.
And thence into En Cuervo and landfall at Hostall Santa Anna which looks good so far, more than can be said for Anne's feet which are giving problems.
However a day up the motorway that could have been much worse.
27km about seven and a half hours.

Link to where we are on Google Maps


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