A day with the oranges.

by tim 27. April 2012 16:28
27.4 Friday Seville.
We are based in Triana Backpackers on Rodrigo de Triana, the significance of the name is that he was the man in the crows nest on board the Santa Maria who first sighted America or at least which ever Carribean island was spotted first. From here we explore Seville crossing back over the bridges from Triana to the cathedral.
It is a huge pile of carved stone with a lot of silver inside, we get our sellos (stamps) at the admissions desk and file round. The tomb of Christopher Columbus retrieved from Cuba before the revolution and the enormous height inside. The building is on the site of the previous mosque and the bell tower is two thirds minaret with the orangery also remaining from moorish times. The rest is Gothic and designed by the same man as Rouen cathedral in France.
We have some lunch in an inn it is claimed Lord Byron stayed at and climb to the top of the tower.
Tomorrow Ray and Anne fly home and we start the walk in earnest. Hopefully without too many days like yesterday.


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