Of Pigs and dogs.

by tim 1. May 2012 20:33
A few more bits about the walk through the oak woods. There were two sizable farms on the yrack both with big dogs roaming free. The first advanced slowly towards us and we did likewise. He sniffed us, we declined to do the same but fondled his ears. This seemed OK and we were allowed through graciously. He then got a little more playful and pulled at a trouser leg but was easily discouraged and lost interest. Later in town we met Joe the Gibralterian, his experience had been similar, the dog basically friendly, however it had mouthed hold of his sleeping bag attached to the outside of his rucksac and run off with it as it came loose. Joe gave chase and eventually regained his kit, to the amusement of the farming family watching over breakfast. He got a cup of coffee as recompense.
As we passed the second farm we stood aside while the large herd of goats went to be milked and were impressed by the large numbers of black andalusian pigs on the farm. Tony says the colour of the pigs changes as we go over the border to Estramadura. He is unable to give references to this and as he may have written some Wikipaedia entries the rest of us have doubts. However there was a very hansome sow just below the castle close to the border, wat h this space!


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