Fuente de Caldos

by tim 3. May 2012 19:17
Moist fronts.
3.5 Thursday Monasrerios to Fuente.
We are reluctant to leave Father Miguel's albergue, partly because it is very good but also because the tail of the frontal system lashing the UK is producing heavy rain. But we set out anyway dodging waterspouts from buildings and find coffee and Tostados in an open bar at 7.15. When we exit it has eased a bit and so it remains most of the day never really stopping with bursts of heavier rain occasionally. The stream we follow for a km or 2 os brimming but the stepping stones when we reach them are still usable. The morning passes in a blur of wetness relieved only by a large flock of sheep grazing across the path followed by a man in a 4x4 who tries to sell us rooms in his hostal in Fuente.
Eventually after a couple of mules (smart beasts) in their shelters we arrive in Fuente just as the weather picks up. Our lodging is the Albergue de Tourismo a converted convent (no nuns alas) a very well adapted building with storks on the bell tower. The church in town not only has multiple stork nests with young but a protected colony of Lesser Kestrels.
A t least the weather allows us to wash and dry out.
20km 5hrs.


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