In the Mud town. Alburge Carmen.

by tim 5. May 2012 20:43
5.5 extra.
The tumble dryer is paid for after the washing has been put out and taken in twice and the we can go out.
We walk round in late afternoon, the church is closed, so are most shops but we fond a small grocerie open for bread and a couple of tomatoes to go with the cheese Tony has carried for two days, plus the inevitable bottle of wine.
The only thing open of possible interest is the local museum, we don't expect much but it is raining. We are pleasantly surprised, apart from the collection of farm implements including one Tim believes may be for making chorizo and other sausage, a reasonable idea given the passion for pig products in the country, there is also a collection of old motor cycles and cars including some (though not the Model T Ford) that some of us have owned. Showing our age a bit here. Also the ptesentation is better than the last collection of bits and bobs we visited in the rain.
Tomorrow the forecast is better it would be nice to believe it.


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