Tony, Tim, Betsy & Ray's (not forgetting Geoff) 2014 Camino

GR65 (France), GR11 & Camino del Norte (Spain)

Day 5

A grey and drizzly start to the day with a trip up the hill to the bar for a breakfast on yesterday's bread. A longish day at over 20km with the most interesting point the fountain and chapel of St. Roch. Plenty of black slugs and dung beetles but it's hard to get excited about them! Everyone relieved to reach St Alban, and quick to dump packs and head into the bar for a drink before shopping and heading for the campsite outside town.

Four days walking completed

Finished the first 4 days doing a fairly relaxing 10 miles or so per day (and no blisters yet!). Weather varied with some rain, wind, a little sunshine and one night so cold there was ice on the tent in the morning. Alternating nights camping with more luxurious nights in gites. As usual I'm forever being distracted by flowers and wildlife. Yesterday we found a poplar hawk moth on a tree beside our tents, today's treat was a midwife toad sitting on our path with eggs. Jenny - yes you are right, the dandelions are amazing, and we also like the daffodils and pansies. Katie & Richard - maybe you should try a Camino holiday (see photo of family with donkey).


Safe arrival here yesterday evening after a relatively uneventful journey (only a couple of near misses of trains and buses!). The rain that was forecast has held off so far and we have spent a restful day admiring the very picturesque town. The serious walking starts tomorrow.

Trying out the new sleeping arrangements...

Hoping for a cold night to give it a good test.

 It may well not be too warm in Lozere and on the GR65 for the next couple of weeks.

The tent is a Tarptent Stratospire2 from Henry Spires in the US, the sleeping gear is a long Neoair and the latest offering from Mountain Equipment a Helium down duvet (not a bag), hope I'm warm enough

Lat = 52.45824 Long = -2.17129 OsGrid SO 88456 84490
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