Tony, Tim, Betsy & Ray's (not forgetting Geoff) 2014 Camino

GR65 (France), GR11 & Camino del Norte (Spain)

Supplemental Baamonde.

Supplemental Baamonde. Wandering round to see the 12thC ish church. Which has a carved virgin caged in a tree! And a lot of old stone carvings. We find an open gate to a beautiful garden with a lot more carvings in wood and stone and various sculptures. There are also some great frogs in the pond. We are met by the sculptor and builder of the garden, Victor Coral Castro who has scultures all over Spain. He takes us in to his studio and shows us his various secular and religious works of many different sizes including the exquisitely small. It is a great time all the better for its unexpectedness. Such things happen on the Camino. Apparently there are moves to reroute the camino away from this little town which would be a great pity
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