Tony, Tim, Betsy & Ray's 2016 Camino

(not forgetting Jane & Ann) A walk along the Camino Mozarabe

Our Route

The well-known Mozarab Way was used by the Christians who lived in the Arabic kingdoms to get connected to the Via de la Plata until Santiago de Compostela. Being this route one of the oldest ones belonging to the Way of Santiago.

The Muslim domination started at the beginning of the VIII century over the best part the peninsular territory would end influencing the religious life of the inhabitants of the old Visigothic-Christian kingdom. Thus, once the news of the discovery of the Apostle Santiago’s sepulchre in Galicia was spread, the Christians who lived in the territories under the Muslim domination would try to go on a pilgrimage to Compostela. These Christians received the name of Mozarabs and got to carry on with their faith and consolidate their own religious culture.

During the intermittent periods of peace between the Christian North and the Muslim South the pilgrimage to Santiago’s sepulchre in Galicia was being forged. The itinerary followed from the Al-Andalus territories, current Andalucia, used the communication routes established by the Romans. The Mozarabs coming from Almeria, Granada, Malaga or Jaen merged into the former Cordoba to continue from there to Merida through the main route of communication.

These paths go along Roman roads, medieval paths and livestock trails with a great transversal axis which departs from Almeria, gets to Granada continues towards Cordoba and from here gets linked in Merida to the well-known Via de la Plata. Other two Ways merge into this axis: the Way of Malaga which does so at the village of Baena and the Way of Jaen, at Alcaudete.