Slimbridge to the Cotswold Way.

by Administrator 7. May 2008 22:01


Woke this morning to the patter of rain on the tent, and sound of heavy duty birds flying overhead, presume on their way in to the Wild Fowl Trust next door, I didn’t leap out to see who they were! But soon enough got up, swallowed my last muesli, put the wet tent on top of the pack and set off. Not actually raining but very threatening. Felt better than yesterday but it didn’t last, now about 6 hours later in the Royal Oak in Wooton under Edge various aches are present but settling, will probably do a few miles this afternoon (must get some muesli). But hey the day is brightening up weather wise Well, it stopped raining anyway.

Earlier today left the Severn Way at Slimbridge and headed south inland to the Cotswolds about 7miles to Stinchcombe (nice churchyard full of blossom)

PICT0012  PICT0015

and North Nibley(11:00 too soon for lunch) and then decided to go up Nibley Knoll (really should not have a K), at the top of which is a monument to William Tyndale who first translated the bible into English and had it printed! Heavy reformation stuff and the antithesis of the pilgrimage whose pilgrims attempted it in the hope of Indugences and an afterlife in Heaven not Hell (in those days high risk and high gain).

PICT0023  PICT0022

Then along through the beech woods on top of Wooton Hill and joining the Cotswold Way.

Now finishing the day at the appropriately named Folly Farm, where according to the map there was a camp site "We haven’t had camping for 14 years" (Map published date 1986), Oh well the B&B is £30. A Hot bath was fantastic, Of such small ecstasies is a pilgrims life!


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