Gloucester to Sharpness Canal.

by Administrator 7. May 2008 21:47

Dry night, all kit washed dry and packed, so strolled down to Gloucester cathedral to just miss the 08:30 service. Unfortunately no stamp available, have an info piece of paper with a logo to make something with. Saw the Denny window - the verger seemed to think his best work is at Chepstow in a small parish church, must find out more about him.

.PICT0018 Now I notice that the Gloucester – Sharpness Canal goes to Slimbridge by a much more direct path than the winding River Severn so follow it from Gloucester docks (greasy spoon breakfast at 09:00). Rather damp day but cape working well; once over the pack it can be adjusted to cope with heat or rain in various ways. I’m sure I look ridiculous but who cares..

PICT0026  PICT0027

The water way obviously dates to Victorian times and the bridge keepers' cottages have incongruous Greek/Roman pillars around their front doors. The swing bridges are manually operated providing much needed exercise for the bridge keepers who would otherwise just sit there all day.

Arrive Slimbridge, Tudor caravan park at 15:30 £7 per night (yesterday was £11 but the loos were cleaner) but quite busy.


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