by Administrator 7. May 2008 21:11


Saturday, Woke up to the sound of ducks and curlews, very heavy dew, tent, grass and all soaking wet. I was about 2 miles down stream of Upton on Severn. Had breakfast and packed rather damply, and walked around 5 miles into Tewksbury.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA         Passing under the M50 on the way.

Thought I would get the Pilgrim Passport stamped at Tewesbury Abbey. Beautiful old building. In active use morning service had just finished and the rather envious elderly vicar was happy to sign me off. A most beautiful MODERN yellow stained glass window by a chap called Denny, apparently he made one in


Glouster Cathedral must look tomorrow, also one in Malvern Priory. I didn’t know anyone did that anymore, very glad they do.    http://www.stcwh.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/index_files/page0004.htm

Feet blistered but blisters not broke so very slow down the bank, passed by a very large cruise ship!!!!!!!!! Oliver Cromwell! No comment. Dryed out the tenton the way

Now stopped early at a nice camp site by The Red Lion at Bishops Norton right on the Severn Way, a bit busy because it is Bank holiday. Have done my washing, had a shower and plugged in the laptop in the pub. Feeling much better now.


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