Inland to Geffosses

by Administrator 21. May 2008 18:38

St. Germain Plage to Geffosses

Got bread (2 baguettes) and ate one with ham for breakfast then set off down coast over looking saltmarshes, interesting building called ‘Le corp de Garde’ (the guard room). A building built in 1669 to allow the port to be under surveillance.

After the 6 miles planned as an easy day to let Tim’s shin recover, arrived in Lessay had a coffee and found the campsite did not exist. 2 trips to the tourist office and we were on our way to Geffosses where the helpful tourist office lady said the camping was open. It wasn’t but the grass was being cut and the man said no one would care if we wanted to stay any way, there was hot water but no electricity. Still, tired pilgrims can’t be choosers.
The way was down Green lanes often more brown than green and sometimes passable only by hanging on to hedge branches and keeping feet on near vertical side walls. It did relieve the weight from the feet but we both came near to a close encounter of the muddy kind.
Link to where we are on Google Maps


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