To Marcilly sur Vienne

by Administrator 15. June 2008 15:21
15.06.08 Sunday.

I'Ile de Bouchard to Marcilly sur Vienne.

The ladies left us today after meeting us for lunch, it was a good break and a needed rest. We were still on the site in Chinon and had washed, dried and repaired everything by last night. Our little tents were taken down last night and rucksacks packed with gear and food for 2 -3 days as tomorrow is Monday and as we have found to our cost few of the shops that are available to us in the areas we pass through are open on Monday. Change is coming slowly to rural France, farmhouses are renovated as holiday homes in popular areas, shops close and are for sale in others but still bread is available Sunday mornings (mostly) but not Mondays.
The walking was average today and also it was raining lightly all morning, just at the level to make deciding if the unpleasantness of waterproofs was worthwhile. Only around 13 miles covered but the next stage would have made it 20 miles, a bit too much for comfort of ageing joints we think.
One field passed was a crop of poppies, deliberate not accidental, we would have thought we were in Afganistan except for the weather.
Arrived at the site in Marcilly sur Vienne by 14:00hrs to find that the site, on the banks of the river, opened today on 15th June for its short season! Only just in time, we await the arrival of the campsite person to see if it really opens or if we will just be abandoned to our own devices, there is water at least.

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