16.4 Monday

by tim 16. April 2012 18:33

A day of rest during which we walk from Atlantic to Mediterranean, not as in years past by the GR10 but across the causeway to the Isla de las Palomas to actual southerly point at the side of the new ferry terminal. There is, all arround in this town evidence of past strife. The castle of Guzman the Good (not as might be supposed the collegue of Gandalf the Grey) but the first Duke of Medina Sidonia. Those up to speed with their history might recall his descendant (the 7th duke) who headed up the Armada. The gun emplacements built by the British to defend the Isla during the Napoleonic occupation of Iberia. And the Second WW pill boxes next door to the other moorish looking castle of indeterminate age.
Much of the rest of the day we lazed on the roof of the little appartment in the sun and such lack of wind that Tarifa seems to experience. The roofs around the appartment (see Betsy's pic) give a Peakeish air of Gormengast to the town and it seems much of life on the summer is spent on the cooler roof tops.
Jane will be back off to the UK on Wednesday and the walk will start in earnest, meanwhile we enjoy the sun and rest.


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