Tony, Tim, Betsy & Ray's (not forgetting Geoff) 2014 Camino

GR65 (France), GR11 & Camino del Norte (Spain)


2.06.14 Monday Lareule to Argagnon via Arthez de Bearn. Lareule in medieval times was an important staging post on the way being an impartant abbey supported by a crusader knight order similar to Templars, sadly nothing remains but the parish church after the religious wars. The gite last night was good meeting people we had seen over the last weeks on the way, one was unfortunate Hermsn women wjo had developed shin splints and had stopped in pai that day. After four eerks from Le Puy feeling fitter snd walking by herself she hsd been doing longer distances that at first and eas now needing a few days off to allow it to settle both Tim and Betsy have had this common camino problem and sympathised. The rest of us set off at a good hour after Betsy's long talk to the cat. The day fell naturally into two parts before snd after beer. The first part was good for lack of mud but plenty of tarmac, a very old church on the way with an uncommon stone carved tomb of a 14c local lord. The a beer in Arthez followed by lunch at a pilgrim halt thoughtfully provided by locals in a shed with table and chairs and a comments book Ray wrote in Welsh. A great few km along s ridge in chesrnut woods followed with a steep descent down to Argagnon to finish. The gite de cambarat was found about 400 m up a track off the maikn road. The dogs bark and the smallest nipped Tony's ankle putting yet another hole in his sock and was only saved a wack with the walking pole by the appearance of Nicholas the gite hospitalero. It is not right to wack a mans dog in front of him. But he did apologise. The gite is delightfully rural but has all one needs. Beds and plenty of hot water with washing lines are all well supplied. 25.8 km 420m both up and down.
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