Tony, Tim, Betsy & Ray's 2016 Camino

(not forgetting Jane & Ann) A walk along the Camino Mozarabe

Of painted pigeons and Adobe. Not Photoshop.

Up early and along to the village for a quick tostados and cafe before heading out into the parched landscape up a steep hill. We learnt last night it has not rained here since October. Even some of the tough scrub vegetation and Stone pines are dying off.
We do manage to spot a pair of Greater Spotted Cuckoos and a pair, probably of bee eaters.
After some steep ascents and descents we get to Alhabia. A builders yard has someelting adobe bricks gradually melting back into the clay from which they came. and a cool square with a cafe full of cyclists
Who we hope are not heading for the same alburgue as us tonight and after coffee head down to the bed of the river which has a metalled road running up the side of it. This is a better irrigated area than yesterday and we wander up through orange orchards. When suddenly we see a new brightly coloured bird. It settles just too far away for a good look we creep vloser trying to get a good picture of it. After a few minutes we get a good look and fail to identify it. We see two more strangely coloured birds and the a local with a flock of 20 or so pigeons all of whom he has psinted brightly at the age of one year. Each to their own.
Further up the river we finally reach Alboloduy. A very well situated village with a bar. We are directed to the Ayuntamiento where a lady woth a host of information about the town finally takes us to the alburgue/casa rurale.

Link to where we are on Google Maps
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