Vetralla to Capranica 18k To the Woods

It is another 25 degree day but we spend most of it walking in trees so the heat is not too bad.
After a few k getting out of town we enter the oak woods of Monte Fogliano. Under the high canopy of the trees the only people we see are mountain bikers on the marked trails.
Crossing over the road by a ruined church we are in the nut bush orchards again. The carefully coppiced trees are spaced out regularly and some of the arched areas are very attractive.
The Torri D’ Orlando appears, a 15 high ruined tower poking up above the trees, it is apparently a Roman funeral memorial.
Coming out onto a road crossing there is a sign for a bar 300 metres down hill (and hence uphill on the way back) and off route. There is much debate, it would be the only one on today’s route but will it be open or even exist? Eventually we go for it, but is a tense time for Ray until we find a small bar by a railway crossing in the middle of nowhere.
Lunch is taken as yesterday in the shade, this time it had to be a hazelnut bush.
We emerge suddenly from the trees into the outskirts of Capranica and find our lodgings in a small section of old town at the Hotel Capranica, converted from the old hospital.

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