San Lorenzo Nuovo to Bolsena 14k Beside the lake, beneath the trees……..

We walk through fields and groves of olive and walnut trees, some of the grass has been cut for hay and is drying in the sun. The poppies are particularly vibrant in colour and the views to the lake are stunning.
Eventually the towers of Bolsena castle appear next to the lake to be photographed.
Coming into Bolsena we stop at a tiny church and are initially reluctant to go in  as there is a man inside doing some restoration but we are glad we do, it is dedicated to the Madonna of the Hunters and has lovely ancient frescoes.
Bolsena is a town of narrow lanes dominated by its castle towers, another lovely place you never heard of before but feel deserves a longer visit.
We walk out to a campsite by the lake where we have a chalet for the night.
The lake water is cool and refreshing after the days heat.

Link to where we are on Google Maps

One thought on “San Lorenzo Nuovo to Bolsena 14k Beside the lake, beneath the trees……..”

  1. So someone had to go swimming? I ran 4or 5km this morning! You all seem to be enjoying this part, how are my replacements holding up?
    It’s always hard joining a group that has been walking and getting fitter. As Ray knows only too well from our first Camino.

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