West Highland Way.

9/5/12 Monday.
Monday dawned after a night on the flood plain at the back of the Kings House at the top of Glencoe. We hit the road (the old military road that is) at 7.45. It started to rain at about that time and continued on and off all day. In the intervals of rays of sun the visability was great with some superb lighting effects. Especially the view of the Ben from the Larig Mor (Big Glen up which the Campells retreated pursued by the McDonalds after some battle a bit above the usual cattle raid). We saw several herons as well as grouse and ptarmigan and an as yet unidentified warbler. We left our options for the day open but the repetitive nature of the rain an the persistance of the current frontal system forcast until Thursday or Friday convinced us as to our best course.
We walked from the top of Glencoe to Glen Nevis camsite 2miles out of Ft William in slightly over 8hrs with an brunch in Kinlocleven, about 21miles in not great conditions but showing the excellent line (if not the current quality) of the WHW route on the 17th century road built to subdue the highlanders.
We arrived and checked in to the Glen Nevis campsite. One deficit of this otherwise imaculately groomed site is there is nowhere for those camping to cook, indeed teutonic style signs specificaly forbid it in every possible location.
Tomorrow we will catch the train back to Glasgow having promised our feet a chance to recover from incipient trench foot.

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