West Highland Way Blog

3/5 Tuesday.
Just before 0700
We set off from Stourbridge hitting the traffic congestion on the M5 early enough not to cause us a problem. We aim to be able to start walking about 1300 today and get a day ahead of our itinary. With Luck we may camp tonight at Drymen about 12 miles north of Milngarvie, the start of the WHW on the edge of Glasgow.
It seems unlikely that we will have a run of fine weather continueing throughout our walk up to Fort William but hopefully it will remain fine enough for us to enjoy our stroll.
The news still full of the death of Osama bin Ladin, found not in the wilds of the Afgan Mountains but in a comfortable mansion in a Pakistan city. Presumably 10 years ina cave was a bit much, hopefully 10 days in a tent will be about right!