Calais to Strasbourg

early start today as nearly 400 miles to travel.

spent time after breakfast on a Ford fiesta trying to work out why the clutch had failed. traced to a broken lever which we left them to get welded. will find out later if they were successful.

on to Reims for the mentos challenge and finally to Strasbourg for the night.


We are staying at an F1 hotel near Sangatte. Pretty cheap, but not en suite. And all doors controlled by key codes. So if you need to go in the night, remember to take your code with you.

We checked in at a bar in town. some great cars have arrived, and some have dropped out already. We will see at 8am how many have got to the starting line

They’re off!

And they’re off! Not quite Clarkson, May and the Hamster, but you get the idea. First stop Calais, where they will discover if the Pink Pig is as mad as it looks or tame by comparison with other entries

Good luck to them all!