Railway versus Canal Butterflies and Leeches!

We know it will be hot by afternoon and it is very humid we have to get to central Rhiems (pronounced Rams to Tim’s confusion). Once again an early start is needed. Fortunately the boulongerie in town only 200m away opens at 6.30. Tim is waiting, coffee is ready on his return.We are away by just after 7. A short loop through town and we are on a track at the side of the railway line
A route found on the net by Tony takes us straight across the fields and using the straight lines of the railway and canal. At one point we pass marked trig point on our map at the enormous altitude of 82 m above sea level. It really is very flat around here.
Along the canal which seems to see little commercial traffic we are puzzled by a field as we approach it, it gradually becomes apparent that it is a field of white poppies. Ray who visited a legal opium poppy field in India is sure they are not opium poppy and we presume that they are a commercial crop of poppy seed for baking.
We sit at the side of the canal. Betsy who seems to be a leech magnet finds what looks very like a baby one crawling on her. It is removed before feeding commences. She had two ticks removed yesterday. Where we joined the canal path we found the only café of the day and inspite of its exhortations and possibly own brewed beer. We have coffees ,it is only 10.30.
Along the canal we see clouds of butterflies mostly whites of several species but also Commas and a new one to us possibly a Poplar Admiral. The canal takes us eventually to the edge of Rhiems and it gets hotter a slightly desperate wander through the streets gets us not soon enough to a bar and an apartment near the cathedral. And we are glad to finish the main walk for the day.

Link to where we are on Google Maps

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