More Roman about in the fields

We were very well welcomed by Monique and Jean-Pierre who are retired farmers, their son has take over the farm three doors down in the village. It’s like that in Coole everyone is related. We learnt quite a lot about the crops we passed by including realising one looking strange was hemp for clothing and Jean Pierre insisted that some poppy crops are for morphine production as well as cullinary. But the farmers will grow whatever will pay in this industrial agri landscape. We also learn there’s a new automatic shop on the next street that has recently been set up as useful to pelerin and even the locals if caught out. There are no shops for miles and miles. So we walk on.
Continuing on along the Roman road the day is much as yesterday, cool and cloudy but without rain. Fairly soon Ray spots a patch of orchids there are at least 3species including some fine bee orchids. Soon enough we see in the distance along the very straight road a field of pink. It turns out to be a field of poppies. Purpose unknown.
Slightly further on we find a clump of vetch attracting butterflies and moths including the Five spot Burnet Moth

Most crops are more mundane barley, wheat, potatoes and beat. Eventually we descend a slight gradient to Donnemont where the taxi is arranged to meet us. The nearest campsite is another days walk and even then we discover shops are not all that could be desired.
We arrive at the campsite in Dienville and receive an interesting reciept for a very reasonable camp fee. Look carefully it is in Betsy’s name!

Link to where we are on Google Maps

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