The Olympic spirit blows on the lake! Orbe to Lausanne or maybe, Penthalez to Lausanne. 15km. Lac Léman or Lake Geneva is at 375m current hieght 450m.

Either way the confusion should be finished and a sequential order of walking resumed after the bus and train rides to Penthalez. It’s hard leaving a nice site we have enjoyed the town and over the weekend while we learnt the ropes of Switzerland it has been a refuge from the heat.
The way from the station into Lausanne is not too long but it gets hot quickly. It is enlivened by meeting two Swiss down a quiet country road practicing on Alpenhorns. And making a quite delightful sound.
We get to the campsite by midday and settle in. We get free bus and metro passed for a day and learn that Lausanne is the headquarters of the Olympic games. Started in 1894 reinvented by Baron Pierre de Coubertin may his spirit blow wind across the lake in an Olympic manner. As it says in very flowery language in the free city tourist information Ray got from the campsite.
We find the lake we are maybe 100m from the edge but after a bit of a rest set off via bus and metro to the centre of town.
A paddle steamer described as belle epoque in the fanciful guidebook scatters the bikini clad pedaloists on the lake as we look across the lake in trepidation to the Alps.
Lausanne cathedral is at the top of the hill via an ancient wooden roofed set of steep stairs. We emerge sweating from the heat under a carved doorway of saints and into the cool of arched stained window quiet. The lady in the office gives us a stamp in our pilgrim passport and advises us to cool off in the lake.
Back down the hill by metro,past the clock counting down into the next olympics and into a bar for a bierre blonde.
After a confusing episode of shopping in which we win a packet of peanuts with a scratch card , we head for the lake which is beautifully limpid blue and cooling.
Back by our tents as the heat subsides we drink wine ,eat crisps and feel the Olympic spirit infusing into us for tomorrow.

Link to where we are on Google Maps

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