Up Up and up. Orsieres to Bourg St Pierre. 14km 902m to 1670m.

When we leave Martigny with full packs again it is on the little train that nearly ran us over, grandiosely called the St. Bernard Express. It is a different driver who knows nothing of our history.
After an excellent breakfast at the Terminus Hotel. We start up steeply out of town, packs already feeling heavy compared with our minimalist weight of the last three days. After some sweat we sit on a bench with great views over Orsieres.A meadow of butterflies is nearby.Soon we push on shade is ok much of the time and views into and above the valley of the Dranse river are superb we spot an uncommon plant Toothwort a semiparasitic plant on tree roots last seen by us in the Pyrenees.
We go up and up over the Dranse at one point deep below in it’s own gorge.There are some very steep ascents. We emerge into alpine meadows surrounding the village of Liddes with its little church with some fine stained glass dedicated to its patron Saint George and a particularly fine example of alpine raccards or grain stores designed to keep out rats similar to the Gallician Oreos we have seen on Caminos.
The up is a little less steep in the final section to Bourg St Pierre and we spot some wild Martagon lilies as well as a mowing machine worthy of Terry Pratchett’s Cohen the barbarian hero! We arrive hot and sweaty but soon cool and clean on the nice little windy campsite.

Link to where we are on Google Maps

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