San Gimignano to Abbadia A Isola 26k All quiet on the Italian Front

We turn off the tarmac after a few minutes walking and are soon in countryside, but it is not the manicured landscape we have become  accustomed to, it is altogether rougher. We go gently up and down through woods and ford small streams, occasionally there are fields of green wheat rather than vines.           
The gentle sound of birds and frogs is interrupted by the man made noise of power tools and cars. Distant bee eaters are spotted.
We stop for oranges at Badia A Coneo beside a medieval church with so little inside it is unlocked.
On through the increasing heat we wander through the countryside, stopping only for cheese and tomato sandwiches in a park and a bar later on just before reaching journey’s end.
Tonight we are on the first floor of a building next to the abbey and overlooking a courtyard where a bonsai tree exhibition is being held.

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