Rest Day Siena

We head off to the Campo, the central piazza where the Palio is held.
The famous horse race runs twice yearly around the perimeter of the centre which is packed with people.
The previous evening the square had been packed  for the choice of which city districts got to compete in the next event, but this morning there was just us, delivery vans, some police fining some Aussie cyclists and Miquel, the ultimate traveller.
How cycling in the piazza could be unsafe but a horse race in which the winner can be the horse because the rider has fallen off, amused us.
Onto the Duomo, a sumptuous creation of marble outside and complete with inlaid marble pavements inside.
We also get up to the top of an incompletely constructed nave via a tight spiral staircase for a view over the city.
After lunch the heavens open so we head back to our lodgings, cultured out.

Link to where we are on Google Maps

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