Bolsena to Montefiascone 18k The city of 100

The campsite cafe fails to open at 7 as we had been told, so we set off unbreakfasted and with the  knowledge that there will be  no bars until the finish of today’s walk.
Luckily it is lovely walking through the countryside with distant views of the lake. We come to an area of springs and cascades where according to the signboard, there are Etruscan  remains, but we can’t see any.
The only other pilgrim we see today is a french lady who seems to stop as often as we do.
 Montefiascone is, as can be guessed from its name on the top of a hill, it prides itself on being 100 k from/to Rome, bizarrely there are several signs in different parts of the town all making the same claim.
There is a large cathedral with an impressive dome and at the very top,  the ruins of Rocca dei Papi, a fortress and summer refuge of several medieval popes. Next to the ruins is a little park with a huge view of the area. Lake Bolsena and it’s 2 islands can clearly be  to be of volcanic origin and tourist potential. Tomorrow’s walk looks flatter.
We walk down the hill to tonight’s lodgings in a B and B and are welcomed in by a  lovely lady who gives water from the fridge, it is very hot.

Link to where we are on Google Maps

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